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Salient features
【More Space Saving of Equipment】 Since the motor is built into the actuator, there are no projections or folds in the motor assembly. Therefore, space saving of equipment is possible. 【Flexible Production】 Unlike pneumatic cylinders, electric actuators can perform multipoint positioning anywhere. As one actuator can handle the production of various types of products, this contributes to space savings. 【Expanded Options】 The compact design is possible due to the dimensional compatibility with the pneumatic cylinder LCR Series. In addition, since soft starts and soft stops are possible, shock absorbers are not required.

The table type electric actuator has a a short stroke and is ideal for transporting and posi…

Salient features
[Flexible combinations] Simply by combining standard products, we have constructed an orthogonal transport system suitable for any transport situation. It can be freely combined from single-axis to 4 axis. [Applicable to a wide range of transport applications] Supports transport from light load to high loads. Max. load capacity 250 kg. (Horizontal) [Long stroke length] Long stroke length compatible. Maximum stroke length 4450 mm (timing belt drive) [Controller] Just connect the single-axis controller with the link cable to create a multi-axis controller. High tact, simultaneous control up to 4 axes and complicated sealing work are also possible.

Electric actuator compatible with single and multi-axis servo motor drive.
Combine the components freely for compati…

Salient features
[Space-saving] A wide guide, “Outer Rail,” is used to support the load. In combination, the proper design of the slider part simultaneously achieves compact and high rigidity, and contributes to space. [Each Motor can be installed] A bracket is provided that matches the 12 servo motors and the three stepping motors. Combined with your own motors, it is available under familiar control. Each field network is supported. [Reduced installation time] The product can be installed directly from the top or bottom, without removing the cover. This significantly reduces work time, especially when installing from the top. [Low Dust Specification Option] Provides cleanness with class 2.5 equivalent (ISO14644-1 standards). Low dust generation is achieved by providing a vacuum port. Ideal for transport in clean environments. * For details on clean rating, refer to the catalog on pages for dust generation characteristics. [Easy Maintenance] A grease feed port capable of directly feeding grease from the outside is installed on the side of the slider. To maintain a guide and a ball screw by feeding fat from one place without disassembling a body.

[NEW] Added Low Dust Specification Option
[NEW] Added Motor Manufacturer for Support
A motorless specification of an electric actuator that allows you to install and control motors from each manufacturer.
The Outer Rail System, which unifies the body and the guide, is compact and highly rigid. It has a grease supply port on the outside of the main body and is easy to install and maintain by enabling the top of the main body to be mounted.

Maximum portable mass (horizontal): 110kg
Maximum speed: 1600mm/s

Salient features
[Space saving] 2D operation is realized without using multi-axis or gantry robots. Contributes to space saving with effective use of space. Supports long strokes of up to 20 m, inconceivable for conventional electric actuators. [Smooth operation realized] The servo motor drive enables freely adjustable setting of multipoint positioning speed. Smooth start / stop is realized. [Applicable to motors from all manufacturers] Mount a motor you're familiar with. Brackets compatible with all manufacturers' motors are available.

Transport system that enables single-axis 2D transport with one motor.
Long stroke of up to 20 m. Multipoint positio…