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  • Classification: TE, TE plier, Benchtop Crimping Machine, Benchtop Crimping Tool, Crimping Tool
  • Applicable ends: 2161400-5, 2217000-2, 2161300-1, 2161700-4, 2161700-5, 2161500-2, 2217000-1, 2161300-2, 2-2161500-2, 2161500-1, 2844800-1 , 2-2161500-1
  • Benchtop Crimper for Low- to Medium-Volume Wire Processing.
  • Our extensive line of bench-top wire crimping machines provide flexibility, performance, and reliability for low to medium volume wire processing. The Model G II+ features the most advanced design in the long-standing series of AMP-O-LECTRIC machines for terminating wire using reeled terminals. AMP 3K and 5K Terminators are powerful, economically-priced machines that yield the increased output and quality of a semi-automatic machine. The AMP-O-LECTRIC Model G II Terminator with Thru-Splice Applicator is designed to apply thru-splices by providing access to both sides of the applicator that place the wires to maximize production efficiency.

Applicator & Product Style:

  • Heavy Duty Mini (HDM)
  • Mid Wire Size
  • Splice
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  • Classification: TE, TE Equipment, Heat Shrink Tube, Tube Heater, TE Machine, TE Heat Shrink Tube Processing Equipment
  • Advanced Tooling for Efficient Heat Shrink Protection Our heat shrink equipment seals and protects electrical splices and provides mechanical protection for fluid management systems in harsh environments. Across a wide range of applications, we deliver optimal heating temperatures, performance and control features for greater efficiency with our heat shrink machines and equipment.

Equipment Processing Type:

  • Belt
  • Discrete
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  • Phân loại: TE, TE tools, tool TE, Insertion & Extraction Tools, Insertion & Extraction TE Tools
  • High Quality Wire Processing Tools Our insertion tools and extraction tools are designed to respectively insert and extract a terminal from the connector housing without damaging the terminal or housing—a key criteria in quality wire processing that is especially important for rework and repair at the OEM and in the after-market. Available standard or customized, our insertion and extraction tool kits are equipped to carry out precision tasks to the highest professional standards, yielding a quality end product and greater operational efficiency for your business.

Insertion & Extraction Tool Type

  • Contact Extraction
  • Contact Insertion
  • Contact Insertion & Extraction
  • Secondary Housing Lock
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  • Classification: TE products, product TE, AMP products, electromagnetic wires, TE machines, connectors, wires.
  • Our line of magnet wire termination machines is designed specifically for terminating magnet wire pigtail splices, thru splices, coils, MAG-MATE products and Crimpband, among others. MAG-MATE and AMPLIVAR splices and terminals are available in a wide range of configurations to meet most magnet wire termination needs—all provide high reliability with minimal wire preparation. Plus, many TE machines offer automatic precision adjustment functionality (CQM). Need help finding the right equipment? Click on the Find a Solution for Your Application button below to get started.

Crimp Height Adjustment Method
Automatic with Sequencing

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  • Classification:  TE, Pliers, TE plier, hand pliers, Crimp Tool
  • Portable Crimp Tools for all Your Needs TE Connectivity (TE) provides a wide variety of portable crimp tools. Whether you need manual tooling or something with more power, TE has the tool for you. Our SDE dies can be used across platforms from manual to pneumatic to battery-powered as your needs change. We also carry tools for insertion and extraction, IDC, networking applications and so much more.

Applicator & Product Style:

  • Heavy Duty Mini (HDM)
  • Mid Wire Size
  • Splice
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  • Classification: TE products, AMP products, TE connectors, TE Vietnam, TE Jacks & Plugs
  • Modular connectors are engineered to make secure and reliable input/output connections. Many of our modular jacks and plugs offer a unique locking system that prevents both mis-mating and accidental unplugging resulting from shock and vibration. Our shielded and unshielded RJ connectors are manufactured in a compact, one-piece construction, with preloaded contacts, providing a space-saving, quick-to-install solution offering increased design flexibility. These connectors are used in many different applications, including data communications, consumer devices and industrial.

Modular Jacks & Plugs Products
Combo Jacks
Industrial Mini I/O
RJ point five
RJ Type Jacks & Plugs


PCB Connectors

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  • Classification: TE products, AMP products, TE connectors, TE Vietnam
  • These types of connector systems are mounted or processed to a printed circuit board (PCB). Our broad portfolio of signal and power interconnects include a wide variety of high-density, high-speed board-to-board, cable-to-board, or cable-to-cable connectors designed for automated assembly. These connectors provide exceptional performance in both low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) and embedded DisplayPort (eDP) applications. Our PCB receptacles enable wire-to-PCB terminations; our PCB taps provide power to the PCB. Our Flexible Printed Cable (FPC) is suitable for when small centerline spacing makes larger wire-to-board interconnects impractical.

Typical types: D 1000, D 2000. D 3000, D 7000, D 8000

Control Devices/FA Systems

Analog Power Meters

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Electromechanical Analog Meters An analog power meter is a device that features a printed display to indicate any electrical parameter. An example could be the energy consumed by a typical business, or electrical device. Also called an electromechanical meter, these offer a simple to read display.

Power Meter Function
AC Ammeter
AC Voltage
DC Ammeter
DC Voltage

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Split core and miniature split core current transformers A voltage or current transformer is a type of electrical transformer that is designed to provide a secondary current that is accurately proportional to the primary current flowing. They reduce high primary currents down to a consistent 5- or 1-Amp secondary current. A DC shunt is a device that provides a low-resistance path for direct current (DC) and primarily used in rail and marine applications.

Voltage Application Type
AC (Current Transformers)
DC (Shunt)
Current Transformer Type
3-in-1 Din Rail
ANSI Shunt
DIN Shunt
Minature Split Core
Molded Case
Split Core
Tape Wound

Control Devices/FA Systems

Electronic Power Meters

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Digitally measures amount of electrical energy consumed Also known as a digital or smart meter, an electronic power meter is a device that digitally measures the amount of electrical energy consumed by a business or electrical device. This type of meter enables remote tracking through digital connectivity so utility providers and building owners can manage usage demands and other electrical parameters.

Power Meter Type
Digital Meter
Energy Meter

Salient features
You can count on our electrical cable accessories to last for decades and to increase the reliability and efficiency of your grid. They are suitable for low, medium and high voltages applications and can operate under severe environments. They feature our different sealing and insulating technologies including heat shrink, cold shrink, gel, resin and casting material.

GelWrap (EU RoHS Compliance, EU ELV Compliance)

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Electrical Power connectors are used to join electrical conductors and thus repair or extend a power network. They also can be used for grounding to protect the grid, the assets and ultimately people. TE’s electrical connectors are available for low, medium and high voltage electrical conductors, bared or insulated. They come in a variety of different materials and are suitable for a wide range of applications such as underground, overhead, substation and grounding. Our range of electrical connectors have been engineered to the highest standards of quality and design, exhibiting properties such as corrosion resistance, insulation, material strength, durability, flexibility, and more.

Connector Mounting Type
Board Mount
Bus Bar Mount
Cable Mount (Free-Hanging)
DIN Rail
Fixing Screw
Panel Mount