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Salient features
  • Classification: OHM, OHM electric, OHM Distributor, OHM Electric Distributor, Motor, detector, OMD-3, OMD-2
  • Detects voltage from three-phase induction motor. It electrically judges rotation and stop and outputs a signal.
  • It can be detected simply by connecting two wires to the motor.
  • Mounting method: DIN rail (35mm width) mounting
  • Rated voltage (50 / 60Hz): AC100V or 200V
  • Detection delay time: 0.2-1.5sec Variable depending on volume
  • This detector is exclusively for AC200V three-phase induction motors. It cannot be used for single-phase commutator motors, etc.
  • Certificates/Approvals : RoHS2
  •  Working temperature 0 to +55℃